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3/6/05 - New Album EXPOSED Features Hip-hop Single 'No Doubt'

Yes, No Doubt, it's for real this time. CoCo will be releasing her new English album, entitled EXPOSED, featuring the first hit single "No Doubt" this month. SonyBMG Hong Kong has alos revealed the album cover and the release date in Hong Kong is confirmed to be March 25th.

It's been five years and five months since CoCo's last worldwide debut Just No Other Way in late 1999. The production of the new album EXPOSED takes three years and three months and costs nearly US $ 1 million. Definitely a product of passion and love of music.

The first single "No Doubt" is written by CoCo and a new hot writer Eric and is produced by CoCo and Rick Wake. It's a hip-hop with a lot of oriental flavors. The music video is directed by Rage, who had worked with famous celebrities in Japan including David Beckham.

Air play of "No Doubt" is scheduled to begin on March 7th simultaneously in Chinese speaking countries first.
8/29/04 - New English Single Decided

The first single from CoCo\'s new English album is decided, and CoCo has chosen a professional and famous director to shoot the music video.

The director couldn\'t believe that the song was sung by an Asian when listening to it at first. The director thinks CoCo\'s new single is amazingly great and the music is even better than most of the western tracks nowadays.

The video will be shot in the near future. CoCo wants her fans to be a little more patient and she believes that all of you will surely love this album very much!

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